Calaila Boutique Stay

Urban Hospitality Branding | Interior Architecture


Calaila Boutique Stay is a unique boho inspired boutique stay located on the cliffside beach of Varkala in Kerala, India.

The name, Calaila, is inspired by a beautiful large shell (similar to Calilla) found in the property during restoration work. The visual identity captures the essence of the shell, the beaches and the cliff. Calaila is meant for the young and urban travellers looking to be part of a tribe-like ecosystem. The hospitality is relaxed, relatable and pays attention to the tinier details. With the vast usage of natural materials for its construction and several upcycling activities, Calaila is a true advocate for sustainability in the industry. 
The brand extends itself on social media through campaigns centered around Calaila‚Äôs activities, parties and initiatives. The iconic story-telling style adopted through illustrations and consistent colour palette variations allows the brand to remain relevant, young and memorable. 


Co-Founder & Designer






Identity, Visual Language, Illustrations, Art Direction, Interior Architecture, Social Media Strategy