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Canalpy (CanAlleppey) is a social awareness campaign spearheaded by the Finance Minister of Kerala, Dr. T. Thomas Isaac, to motivate the citizens of Alleppey to reclaim the canals of their town. With the tagline of "Canals are not drains", it strives to clean, sustain and inspire the people to take care of their surroundings and make a difference to society! 

The campaign itself is an outreach programme to involve and educate the public to adopt a decentralised method of disposing waste, at source treatment of the pollution and allow active community participation in order to change the canal landscape of the town. 
As part of the programme, Summer schools and Winter schools were conducted in association with State Leadership and IIT Bombay-KILA to map the origin of waste at households, the household septic tank situation, people's willingness to participate in the rejuvenation process etc. The Summer School 2018 saw 300+ participants at a national level who over a duration of a month were able to asses and propose methodologies for proper waste water management. The project is a long term commitment towards helping the overall upliftment of what used to be called "The Venice of the East"



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Visual Identity, Visual Merchandise, Map design, Stage Design, Informative Posters, Exhibition Design