Social Design | Interactive Game Design


Flo is an underwater plastic trash collector modelled after the form of a fish. When paired wirelessly with Flograb, a mixed reality game, kids of all age groups are able to compete with each other and collect trash in a real world scenario.

Developed at Domus Academy, Milan, this project has received the prestigious A'Social Design Award 2017 and is heading towards being made into a reality. The objective of Flo is to engage the audience while educating them about pollution and finding real time solutions to this relevant problem. The motivation behind Flo is to aid in city clean up projects.
Constituents of Flo
● Flo is made out of Plastic with silicon rubber elements.● Equipped with Infrared and HD camera, Sonar sensor and WiFi receiver in the eye, it allows users to locate plastic waste.● Flo has a solar panel that powers it and energy is stored within. The impellers help Flo to move in different directions in water.● The suction pump located inside the body of Flo allows plastic and smaller particles to be sucked in through the small inlet mouth opening.



Concept creation, Storyboarding, Game Interface, Design direction


Bingyi Tian, Lian Jiawen, Jyotshna Joshi


Social Design


Emmanuel Calderon, Marta Alves, Lorenzo Bustillos. A Domus Academy Project