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Klorophyl is a direct-to-consumer houseplant and nature boutique brand with an aim to become the easiest, affordable and reliable source in the space for buying, nurturing, and enjoying healthy houseplants.

They provide high quality house plants and planters as part of its grow kit along with premium accessories and merchandise, mainly targeting urban dwellers & millennials.
Klorophyl believes in bringing happiness to its customers through a curated brand experience. It provides necessary tools to ensure that owning a plant and maintaining one can be made approachable and rewarding.
The logo symbol shortens the long logotype into Klo, as its logo. This enables the logotype to be used in situations that calls for the abbreviation easily and also helps making the logo feel approachable to the target audience. The symbol also showcases the concept of plant + nurture + human connection to cater to the three main aspects of the brand story


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