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Kuttanadan.com is a platform built for upliftment of a region in Kerala, Kuttanad

Kuttanad is famous for its unique geographical features and paddy cultivation. As a result, making it a gem of tourism in Kerala. The uniqueness of Kuttanad evokes a spiritual relationship. Subsequently, binding the locals to their landscapes, with powerful memories uniting them to a shared past. Additionally, this power emanates through the region making Kuttanadan tourism truly spectacular. Formed by repossessing swamps and shallow backwaters to grow rice, the region comprises a host of villages. This unique agrosystem is what gives it its GIAHS accreditation, recognised by the FAO (United Nations)
Climate change leading to frequent flooding and poor infrastructure has created a negative association with the landscape. The local community has been largely affected due to this. Kuttanadan.com is a portal that connects the locals to the digital realm where they can sell their local goods, post classifieds, stay updated with current events and much more. With the goal of improving the lifestyle of the Kuttanadan folk, this initiative paves the way for the first town branding system to be implemented in Kerala. 
The identity comprises of three main elements of Kuttanad- people of various backgrounds, the paddy fields and the dependence on water. The tagline literally translates to 'This is our land, this is Kuttanad'. The Manglish (Malayalam+English) tagline makes it more inclusive of the Kerala diaspora and includes the modern day individual that types in English what he feels in Malayalam.


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