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A Campaign Proposal: Slowear

Slowear is an Italian brand of classy-yet-modern menswear that incorporates multiple sub-brands: Incotex (pants), Glanshirt (shirts), Montedoro (jackets), and Zanone ( winterwear). Slowear is also a symbol for the ‘Slow movement’ in Italy.

During market research, we found that only one sub-brand was recognized as belonging to the renowned Slowear brand, leading to sub-par name recognition for the other sub-brands. We decided to increase brand recognition across the brands through a campaign called "Incotex Meets"

Project Role: Concept creation, Art Direction, Designer
Team: Carolina Soledade, Gunce Kozal, Sruthi Das
Worked on: Color palette, Typography, Tagline creation, Campaign Creatives, Website mockup
Campaign Collateral: Posters, Microsite, Online social media posts, Packaging, Window store display, Tags and Launch invitation

A Domus Academy Project in association with Slowear


Campaign: Incotex Meets

A campaign pairing Incotex pants with the sub brands and present them as total looks to consumers. The Mix and Match style caters to the needs of the various seasons. The visual language takes on a symmetrical approach with bold dividing lines between various backgrounds to highlight the modern day gentleman's lifestyle choices