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Thousand Lakes

Thousand Lakes

We aim to be the undisputed leader in the manufacture and distribution of premium quality, superior Ayurvedic certified products using fresh and organic grown coconuts. Our mission is closely linked to our heritage and our knowledge of Ayurveda.

Role: Design Director & Co-Founder
Location: Haripad, Kerala; India


My role as a Design Director required me to start from scratch, asking the fundamental question: what do we stand for? That question insinuated itself into how I conceptualized and eventually executed all elements of the brand, from architecture to marketing. Thinking green was something I learned at Domus and it helped me streamline our production processes to be zero-waste and properly situated within the existing ecosystem in a holistic way. The property is situated on a working farm which in addition to yielding coconuts also houses several cows and oxen. The milk obtained through breeding is sent to the Kerala Co-Operative Milk Marketing Federation for distribution and our communities’ daily dairy needs are met through this initiative. Animal waste from the onsite livestock is used as fertilizer. In addition, I proposed a successful partnership with the Fisheries department of Kerala to breed freshwater fish. These initiatives have all helped me become an active participant in the local farmer’s organization as well as ensure that we are providing employment primarily to people within the community.

Remaining true to the context is what enabled me to closely tie our brand to our heritage. Awareness of context is possibly my most important take-away from my time at Domus.

Awareness of context allows us to realize the full potential, not only within ourselves but also our products. Most farms in this region focus on a single product in a mechanized industrial process that results in a process with a lot of waste. Our zero waste process allows us to utilize the maximum potential of coconuts. The husk goes into the production of coir pith, an innovative and eco-friendly alternative to traditional fertilizers for the farm. The dehusked coconut shell is energy-rich and is sold to local goldsmiths for their furnaces. We also extract coconut cider vinegar from coconut water.

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